Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

What We Do ?

  • LPG/CNG/LNG fuel saving Conversion Components (supplied and installed).
  • Cars / Trucks / Buses / Plant (diesel driven mining equipment) / Generators.
  • Domestic market LPG and composite cylinder supply.
  • Wholesale LPG supply to distributors.

G.A.F.S. (Gas and Fuel Systems) is a green driven company with its core business being supplying and installing clean burning fuel saving systems to all modes of transport, the vehicles once fitted with our systems would operate with either LPG/CNG/ or LNG.

G.A.F.S. has access to 8000 installation depots across the country. Our alliance partners also import LPG into the African market with LNG being more freely available later in the year. It needs to be noted this is a rapidly growing market in Africa and clean green burning fuels will be a fuel source of the future costing much less than the normal fossil fuels that have been the only available fuel in the market for decades .  The management also draws on the experience of industry stalwarts and business leaders alike. G.A.F.S. inovative owners Abilio Da Silva and Ron Mackie together oversee and run all sectors of the company with both having vast experience within the gas industry. G.A.F.S. also has access to holding tanks through its alliance partners in Saldanha Bay in the Cape, together with Matolo and Beira in Mozambique. The gas is imported directly from refineries.

G.A.F.S. uses advanced technologies and is constantly at the forefront of global innovations in the green sectors ensuring Africa has the best in class when it comes to liquid fuel solutions. As such G.A.F.S. with its car and truck conversion kits that it imports, sells, and installs into large fleet groups therein creates its own gas supply market. Further to this G.A.F.S. is moving into the domestic market with world leading light weight composite cylinder tanks for home and small commercial uses.

G.A.F.S. ensures it complies with the GE standards on all products and only imports materials certified by the European standards of energy. These are the highest standards offered globally and positions all G.A.F.S. products as a best in class standard.